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Tropical Rainforest Farm Retreat

The balmy air, smell of flowers, Hawaiian culture, blue Hawaiian moonlight, living, loving learning with the vibrant colors of nature and our friendly community.


Come stay at a tropical oasis of natural beauty and abundance on the Big Island of Hawaii. Live in a cooperative community environment while exploring sustainability, Hawaiian style. Live in our eco-chic Jungle Pods, Jungalows or lodge rooms while immersing yourself in farm life, daily yoga, cultural classes (hula and more). Relax and rejuvenate in our modern spa/jungle gym facilities with a personalized detox program. Adventure to nearby lava flows, waterfalls and exotic black sand beaches. Discover why the Hawaiians call this the "Healing Island".

Why stay at a farm retreat?

Return to the Source of your food

Get back to the basics of health by picking, growing and eating your own food in a pristine Hawaiian environment. Why? Today's modern foods are loaded with GMOs, pesticides, petroleum based fertilizers, refined, pasteurized, homogenized, not to mention processed and diluted of nutrients. Reclaim your health at Hawaiian Sanctuary where we grow our own food, the healthy, natural way. Participate in this process by picking your own fruits and veggies prepared in delicious recipes and served at the farm. This is not only the healthiest vacation, but our all-inclusive (farm food and lodging) internships offer the best value in Hawaii.